Call for papers

Universidad Intercontinental at Mexico City through the Division of Social Sciences and its School of Translation will hold the International Conference of Translation, Localization and Interpretation: TRADUIC 2018 from June 6 to 8, 2018. This conference will gather the main figures of the language services industry: professional translators, localizers and interpreters, as well as translation and interpretation academics and students from Mexico and abroad around a series of presentations, round tables, diverse specialized workshops, and a forum for awarded young researchers. All of this will take place to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Bachelor in Translation in this university.

Target audience: students, academics, researchers, people working in the field, as well as sworn translators and interpreters in Mexico and abroad

Objective: to create a space for reflecting and sharing current ideas, good practices, projects and research related to translation, localization and interpretation

Venue: Fray Bartolomé de las Casas auditorium, Universidad Intercontinental, South Campus, Mexico City

Dates of the congress: June 6 and 7, 2018

Date of the workshops: June 8, 2018

Submission deadline: March 30, 2018

Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2018

The proposed thematic axes of this conference are the following:

  1. computer science applied to translation;
  2. localization:
  3. web pages and websites;
  4. software;
  5. videogames;
  6. apps;
  7. specialized translation and new technologies;
  8. audiovisual translation:
  9. subtitling;
  10. dubbing;
  11. audio description;
  12. accessibility;
  13. translation didactics and training for professional translators, localizers and interpreters;
  14. the use of computer-assisted translation tools:
  15. open source and freeware;
  16. payware;
  17. cloud-based software;
  18. automatic translation and post-editing;
  19. crowdsourcing translation:
  20. volunteer translators;
  21. professional translators;
  22. web design and SEO;
  23. marketing for translators, localizers and interpreters;
  24. digital and publishing tools;
  25. terminology for translators, localizers and interpreters;
  26. project management in translation;
  27. interpretation: consecutive, simultaneous, remote;
  28. the use of tools for interpretation; and
  29. the use of virtual booths in interpretation.

Note: The presentations must be given in Spanish, English or French.

Submission deadline for the papers that will be published in the conference proceedings: June 25, 2018.




Selection Criteria

The presentation, workshop, or round table must

  1. show relation to any of the thematic axes of the conference;
  2. have a proper articulation of the theoretical framework and the research problem; and
  3. be original and relevant;

Participants must turn in a 250-word abstract that will be analyzed based on a double-blind peer review. Adherence to submission deadlines for the abstract and the papers that will be published in the online conference proceedings will also be taken into account.


Organizing Committee:

Bernardo Ardavín Migoni | Rector

Hugo Antonio Avendaño Contreras | Vice-Rector

Carlos Antonio Hernandez Zamudio | Director of the Social Sciences Division

Luis Raúl Fernández Acosta | Academic Director of Translation (president)

Alexi Arturo Apanco Pozos | Coordinator of Institutional Communication

Camilo de la Vega Membrillo | Editorial Coordinator

Lihit Andrea Velazquez Lora | Full-Time Professor of Translation


Scientific Committee:

Samantha Cayron (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Ana Gregorio Cano (University of Texas at Arlington, US)

Miguel Duro Moreno (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain)

Laura Ramírez Polo (University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, US)

María Angélica Ramírez Gutiérrez (Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico)

Tania Berenice Saldivar Alonso (Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico)

Julieta Cecilia Dávila Heres (Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association, US)

Alicia Alexesteva Gerena Meléndez, MA (Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico)

Gonzalo Celorio Morayta (Fundación Italia Morayta, Mexico)

Isaura Cecilia Santillán Barrera (Universidad Intercontinental, Mexico)


Online registration of presentations, workshops and round tables by completing the form:


Note: Presenters must register themselves individually as it is a personal procedure.


Types of participation:

PRESENTATION 1 presenter 40 minutes + 10 minutes for a Q&A session
WORKSHOP 1 or 2 presenters 3 hours
ROUND TABLE 3 or 4 presenters 1 hour and 40 minutes + 20 minutes for a Q&A session
CONTEST FOR YOUNG RESEARCHERS IN TRANSLATION, LOCALIZATION AND INTERPRETATION* 3 last-year university students, postgraduates, or recent graduates (no more than 2 years past graduation) with a research in translation, localization or interpretation that will be selected based on a double-blind peer review A 1 hour and 40 minutes forum + 20 minutes for a Q&A session with the three winners of the contest

*Check the call for the contest.


For further information or questions, contact Luis Raúl Fernández Acosta at